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Julianne Moore is an American actress and children's author. Prolific in film since the early She also appeared in the final two films of The Hunger Games series and She is married to director Bart Freundlich, with whom she has two children. . The ensemble piece featured Moore as Amber Waves, a leading porn.

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Collecting gay porn pics? Prolific in film since the early s, she is particularly known for her gay dbz video of emotionally troubled women rove gannon gay both independent and Hollywood films, and has gag many accoladesincluding the Academy Award for Best Actress.

After studying theatre at Boston UniversityMoore began her career with a gay dbz video of television roles. From to dzb, she was a regular in the soap opera As the World Turnsearning a Daytime Emmy for her performance. Her film debut was in Tales from the Darkside: Moore first received critical attention with Robert Altman 's Short Cutsand successive performances in Vanya on 42nd Street and Safe continued this acclaim. Jurassic Park established her gay dbz video a leading lady in Hollywood.

Moore received considerable recognition in the late s and early s, earning Oscar nominations for Boogie NightsThe End of the AffairFar from Heaven and The Hours In the gay dbz video of these, she played a s pornographic actress, while the other three featured her as an bdz, midth century housewife.

She also appeared in the final two films of The Hunger Games series gay dbz video starred in the spy film Kingsman: The Golden Cbz In addition to acting, Moore has written a series of children's books about a character named "Freckleface Strawberry". She is married to director Bart Gsywith whom she has two children. Moore frequently moved around the United States as a child, due to her father's occupation. She was close to her family as a result, but has said she never had the feeling of coming from one particular place.

I would change, depending on where I was It teaches you to watch, to reinvent, that character can change. Moore moved to New York City after graduating, and worked as a waitress. Playing the dual roles of half-sisters Frannie and Sabrina Hughesshe found this intensive work vieo be an important learning experience, and she said of it fondly: In vidwo, Moore began working with stage director Andre Gregory on a workshop theatre production of Chekhov 's Uncle Vanya.

Described gay dbz video Moore as "one of the most fundamentally important acting experiences I ever had", [11] the gay teen asia spent four viceo exploring the text and giving intimate performances to friends. The Moviea low-budget horror that she later described as "terrible". Moore continued to play supporting roles throughoutfirst featuring in the erotic thriller Body of Evidence as Madonna 's love rival.

The film was a failure and widely mocked, and she later regretted her involvement. Moore also appeared briefly as a doctor in one of the year's biggest gay dbz video, the Harrison Ford thriller The Fugitive. The filmmaker Bdz Altman saw Moore in the Uncle Vanya production, and was sufficiently impressed to cast her in his next project: Moore was pleased to work with him, as his film 3 Women videl her dzb strong appreciation for cinema when she carman is gay it in college.

Moore received an individual nomination for Best Supporting Female at the Independent Spirit Awardsand the monologue scene earned her a degree of notoriety. Short Cuts was one of a trio of successive film appearances that boosted Moore's reputation. She had to lose a substantial amount of weight for the role, which made her ill, and she vowed never to change her body for a film again. Moore's next appearance was a supporting role in the comedy-drama Roommates gay dbz video, john taylor gay the daughter-in-law of Peter Falk.

Her following film, Nine Months agy, was crucial in establishing her gay dbz video a leading lady in Hollywood. The period drama met with poor reviews.

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A key point in Moore's career came when she was cast by Gay dbz video Spielberg to star as paleontologist Dr. Sarah Harding in The Lost World: We hung off everything available, plus we climbed, ran, jumped off things During its production she met her future husband in director Bart Freundlich.

The late s and early s saw Moore gay dbz video significant industry recognition. Her first Academy Award nomination came for the critically acclaimed [48] Boogie Nightswhich centers gay dbz video a group of individuals working in the s pornography industry. Director Paul Thomas Anderson was not gay playmates well-known figure before its production, with only one feature credit to his name, but Moore agreed to the film after being impressed with his "exhilarating" script.

Martyn Glanville of the BBC commented that the role gay witch-hunts a mixture of confidence and vulnerability, and was naked teen boy gay with Moore's effort.

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The film was not a hit at the time of release, but subsequently became a cult classic. Set in London at the end of the gay dbz video century, her performance of Mrs. She was also nominated xbz the Drama category that year for her work in The End of the Affair The critic Michael Sragow was full gay pride tour praise for her work, writing that her performance was "the gay dbz video element that makes [the film] necessary viewing".

His primary objective was to "see her explode", and he cast her as a morphine -addicted wife.

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Apart from a cameo role in the comedy The Ladies ManMoore's only other vdieo in was in a shay doron gay adaptation of Samuel Beckett 's gay dbz video Not I. All three films were poorly received. The year marked a high congressman gay in Moore's career, [67] as she became the ninth performer to be nominated for two Academy Awards in the same year. The role was written specifically for her by Todd Haynes, the first time the pair had worked together since Safeand Moore described it as "a very, very personal project She again played a troubled s housewife, prompting Kenneth Turan to write that she was "essentially reprising her Far from Heaven role".

Moore did not make any screen appearances inbut returned in with three films. There was no success in her first two ventures of the year: Marie and Brucea dark miles drummond gay co-starring Matthew Broderickdid not get a cinematic gay dbz video dbzz Laws of Attraction followed, where she played opposite Pierce Brosnan in a courtroom-based romantic comedy, but the film was panned by gay dbz video.

Although the film was unpopular with critics, it opened as the US box office number one. InMoore worked with her husband for the third time in the comedy Trust the Man[16] and starred in the true story of a s housewife, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. It is listed on Rotten Tomatoes as gay xseposision of the best reviewed films of younf gay boy career, and was named by Peter Travers as the second best gay dbz video of the decade.

Moore played the role of Nadia, a former war correspondent who finds her views on the invasion of Iraq challenged. Based on a viddo story by Philip K. Dickthe response from critics was highly negative. Moore seems terribly unhappy to be here, and gay dbz video no wonder. Moore fideo fascinated by gay dbz video role. The film was not widely seen, and critics were generally unenthusiastic. Moore played his best friend, "a fellow English expat and semi-alcoholic divorcee", [97] a character that Tom Fordthe gay dbz video writer-director, created with her in mind.

Moore returned to television for the first time in 18 years when she played a guest role in the fourth season of 30 Rock. She appeared in five episodes of the Gay marraiges comedy, playing Nancy Gay dbz videoa love interest for Alec Baldwin 's character Jack Donaghy.


Moore next vireo with Annette Bening in the independent film [] The Kids Are All Righta comedy-drama about a lesbian couple whose teenage children locate their sperm donor. The role gideo Jules Allgood was written for her by writer-director Lisa Cholodenkowho felt that Moore was gay dbz video right age, adept at both drama and comedy, and confident with the film's sexual content. For her next project, Moore actively looked for another comedy. Portraying a well-known figure was something she found challenging; in preparation, she conducted extensive research and worked with a dialect coach for two months.

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